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THE EARLY YEARS (1995-2000)

In 1995, four young musicians from the small town of Seini (Maramures County) laid the foundation of a new musical project which the called DIRTY SHIRT. At the time, their music was a combination of diverse elements such as progressive, alternative, power metal, hardcore, etc. They band quickly earned itself a good reputation in the Romanian underground especially due to its pretty busy live schedule which included several tours and the participation at well-known competitive festivals (Samfest, Samus Rock, Posada, Young Rock for Youngs, Metalfan, Constela?ii Rock, and so forth) where they won several prizes. Additionally, their first demos received positive reviews in the specialized media.

In 1998, DIRTY SHIRT won the Great Prize at the Top T Festival in Buz?u, which gave them the opportunity to record their first full-length "Very Dirty" (Promusic Prod, 2000). Unfortunately, shortly after the release of the record, at a time when things really started to take off, the band was compelled to go on a several year-long hiatus due to personal reasons.


Despite the fact that the band members are "scattered" in different corners of Europe, DIRTY SHIRT reunited in 2004. They also made several adjustments to their music. The demos they released in this period brought to the fore several new musical elements such as industrial metal and hardcore spiced up with folk, funk, and electronic influences.In the following years, DIRTY SHIRT had a busy live schedule, having shows in Romania, Hungary, France and Belgium. The band embarked on several national tours with important bands such as Tripod (FR), Babylon Pression (FR), Zeroscape (CAN) and Superbutt (HU). Additionally, they played at major rock festivals in Romania (Maximum Rock, Samfest, Rock la Mure?, Top T, East West Fest) where they shared the stage with great bands such as Overkill, UDO, Crematory, Lake of Tears, etc.

In 2009, the band recorded its second full-length "Same Shirt, Different Day" at the Kallaghan Studio in France. It was mastered by Alan Douches (West West Side Music, USA). The album was released in 2010 and received many positive reviews both in Romania and abroad.

The period 2010-2011 is arguably the most prolific period in the band's history. Apart from the promotional tour (which included almost fifty shows in Romania, Hungary and Germany) and the participation at various rock festivals (Route 68, Student Fest, Rockin' Transylvania, Fraureuth Open Air, and Dirty Fest), DIRTY SHIRT also made three videos ("Pitbull," "Manifest" and "East West") and released its first ever live DVD entitled "Live in the Truck." Additionally, the band qualified for the national finals of the most important international music competitions: Wacken Metal Battle, Peninsula Talent Stage, and Global Battle of the Bands (it took the second place in 2011).

Currently, DIRTY SHIRT is hard at work on the next album slated to be recorded in the summer of 2012.